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About DoorSpoon

Innovative grocery delivery solutions

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We're creating a new and unique way of grocery shopping.

We believe that people intend to make permanent purchases via the internet. We believe that people are more than ever looking for convenience, happiness, health and time.

We want to make people happy and give them freedom with a platform for everyday shopping. Customers experience the daily convenience and we offer Shopper couriers flexible work.

We bring them together. More freedom for everyone with respect for each other.

It’s more than shopping...

Of course the Shopper couriers do the daily shopping for you. They that with attention and pleasure. You get your own Shopper courier. And if the Shopper courier is not available, we will arrange replacement.

Our Shopper couriers bring it to your kitchen and are personally involved with you. They listen and are interested in you and are happy to help you. If a product is no longer available, we will look for a replacement.

And if it does not go as it should, please contact us. Attention and carefulness every day.

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Our focus is not the profit, but helping people with their daily shopping. Whether you need groceries or you can deliver them.

As entrepreneurs we are therefore looking for the optimal balance between our customers, shops, Shopper couriers and DoorSpoon employees.

We have just started this search in a number of cities. Join our quest and help us.

Values for customers and Shopper couriers


Whether you are sitting at home, working, busy or simply do not have the opportunity. With us you can arrange your groceries online anytime, anywhere.

We do the shopping. If necessary, we bring it to the kitchen. If the 1.5 meter rule can be observed. Ordered the same day at home before 16:00, then if you want delivered the same day..


Are you also happy if you order something online and it is brought home. No more shop in and shop out or queue for the cash register. We are happy to do your shopping.

We do that with attention and pleasure. You get your own Shopper courier. And if he can't, we will arrange a replacement. Enjoy your shopping. Enjoy the job of Shopper couriers. Every day again.


Freedom is usually seen as the ability to do whatever one wants, while another can do it, both physically and mentally. That is not always for everyone.

We want to give you a piece back, by offering choice and by giving you more time. By helping you with your daily shopping.


Details make the difference. If we do the shopping for you, we want to do it right. If an item is not there, we will contact you and we will find a replacement.

If something breaks during transport, we are insured for that. We choose the shops and Shopper couriers carefully. We want happy customers, so if things go wrong, contact us.