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Groceries from multiple local stores | FREE delivery | Order from €35

Become an independent Shopper courier

DoorSpoon's same-day delivery and pickup services bring everyday essentials and fresh groceries to consumers in as fast as an hour. 

Customers order groceries from their favorite local stores, and Shopper couriers handpick the items and deliver the order to them.

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Full-service Shopper couriers

 are independent contractors that use the DoorSpoon platform to shop and deliver orders for their customers.

Earning up to €21 an hour + tips, they enjoy maximum flexiblity. Shopper couriers decide whenever, how long and how many orders they want to fulfill.

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Join us

You are 18+ and you have your own vehicle suitable to deliver groceries from one or two orders.

Allowed vehicles:
Delivery bikes with room for at least 2 grocery bags or boxes, 
cars, vans and any other suitable vehicles.


FAQ for new Shopper-Couriers: